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 "Assisting Educators in the development and delivery of quality programs and supervisory practices to maximize success for all."
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About Us

New York State Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development (NYSASCD) Mission :

"Providing educators the tools to develop and deliver quality instructional programs and leadership practices to maximize success for all learners."

Vision Statement

  • Is a diverse organization with a strong, representative infrastructure and ties to other professional organizations;

  • Anticipates and responds to needs and issues in a timely manner;

  • Provides quality, personalized, accessible and affordable professional development services that support research-based programs and practices, particularly in high need areas;

  • Recognizes a responsibility to identify and communicate the views of members;

  • Promotes the renewal and recognition of educators; and

  • Supports the development of teachers and leaders, with an emphasis on those new to the profession.   


  • will provide research-based quality programs and resources that meet the needs of members;

  • will ensure that NY's diverse community of learners is reflected in our programs, resources, membership and governance. Diversity will be reflected in the following ways:Board members, association members and committees are diverse in terms of gender, age ethnicity, region of the state, professional position, and years within the position, with the intention of building the capacity of the organizations

  • will influence educational policies, practices and resources in order to increase success for all learner

  • will create and utilize structures/tools which enable us to be flexible in our actions and responsive to the changing climate and environment within education


  • To improve educational programs and supervisory practices at all levels and in all curricular fields throughout New York State.

  • To help schools achieve balanced programs so that equal and quality educational opportunities are assured for all students.

  • To identify and disseminate successful practices in instruction, curriculum development and supervision.

  • To have a strong voice in the educational affairs of the state by working closely with the State Education Department and other educational groups across the state and nation.


Your Executive Board of Directors represents urban, suburban, and rural districts. The members hail from the tip of Long Island to Western New York. We have teachers, administrators, college professors, and NYSED representatives.


Dr. Tim Fulton

Assistant Superintendent

Bayport-Blue Shore CSD


Mary Loesing

STEM Chairperson

Connetquot CSD

Vice President for Affiliate Relations: 

Dr. Mark Secaur


Smithtown Central School District


Martha Group

  Vernon Verona Sherrill   CSD 


Dr. Deb Hoeft

Director of Special Eduation and Student Services

Young Women's College Prep

Representative at-large:

Stephanie  Olbrys  

Social Studies Teacher and   Instructional Coach
        Windsor CSD

Representative at-large:

Eric Larison  

  Educational Consultant

Marcellus, NY

Representative at-large:

Matthew   Younghans


Little Tor Elementary School, West Nyack

Representative at-large:

Amanda Zullo

        Instructional Planning and Assessment Coordinator 

       Champlain Valley Educational Services

Immediate Past President:

Dr. Tim Eagen


Kings Park CSD

NYSED ex-officio: 

Erik Sweet

Curriculum and Instruction Supervisor


executive director:

Eric Larison

Member Benefits:

  • IMPACT - New York State ASCD's professional journal provides in depth background on state and local issues facing New York Educators.

  • ASCDevelopments - the newsletter, furnishes timely announcements on state and local events related to curriculum and instruction.

  • Regional Institutes -two or three day institutes that bring together national experts and state recognized presenters with practitioners to share ideas and promising educational practices.

  • Regional Workshops - bring together recognized presenters with practitioners to share ideas and promising educational practices.

  • Diverse Professional Network - enables members to share state-of-the-art resources, face challenges together, and explore new ideas.


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