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Now Is The Time: Let’s Dial In To High Impact Instructional Practices

with Carolyn Tinsley-Tremme and Christina Lesh

Experienced educators & instructional coaches with

PLC Associates working with districts across NY

About Carolyn Tinsley-Tremmel

Carolyn has held numerous teaching positions, serving as an Enrichment Specialist, Staff Development Professional and Literacy Specialist where she designed, delivered and facilitated research-based professional learning sessions leading to improved instructional practices. Under her guidance, she supported one of her school districts to be nationally recognized for their instructional practices. Carolyn is a contributing author to PLC Associates’ Signature Offering, The Foundational Five, that evidences 60-80% increases in proven instructional practice in a manner of months. This program is widely utilized by schools across New York State. Additionally, Carolyn serves as an Instructional Coach for PLC client schools.

About Christina Lesh

Christina has held positions which include teacher, Director of Students Support Services, Principal, National Program Director with EL Learning as well as the lead for 52 public schools’ Committee on Special Education. She has designed, executed, and leveraged a variety of differentiated structures to directly and support the implementation of high-impact, explcit instructional practices. She is an expert in teaching and learning practices that make a difference in classrooms, equipping teachers and school leaders with needed strategies that quickly improve outcomes for students. Christina has had remarkable success most recently, in her work with NYS schools, moving them out of accountability status and into good standing. She is known as an outstanidng instructional coach who has a keen knowledge of what it takes to consistely deliver excellence at the classroom level.

Program Description: This three part webinar series will focus on classroom instructional practices guaranteed to engage students and significantly increase their comprehension, acquisition of key competencies, and achievement of their learning targets. Tier 1 instruction and what happens at the classroom level matters. Join us as we sharpen our skills led by instructional experts who know this work deeply. Let’s get our instruction to the next level – for great teachers, there is always a next level.

Dates and Times:  Thursday May 11, 18, and 25 , 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm. 

CTLE Hours: 6 hours for Pedagogy

Costs: $200 per person for the series or $175 per person for 3 or more people from the same district or school or Teacher Center.

Contact with questions or to pay by Purchase Order.

Webinar 1 (Thursday, May 11th): "Let’s Really Engage Our Students: Dynamic Strategies That Work"

What is engagement? What does it look and sound like? How do you truly engage your students? During this webinar, we will focus on what student engagement is and is not and why engaging all students during a lesson will increase student retention and achievement. You will learn to effectively design lessons to engage all students in learning that lasts using protocols that promote deeper learning as well as other engagement strategies that can easily be implemented into your daily practice.

Webinar 2 (Thursday, May 18th): "I Know I Taught It But: Checking For Understanding"

You may have taught it but did the students learn it? How do you know if all the students got it? Do they know they got it? In this webinar, you learn not only what it means to think like an assessor but how to apply student engaged assessment strategies into daily instruction to position students as leaders of their own learning. After the session is over, both you and your students will be able to apply checking for understanding strategies throughout a lesson to gather evidence of student learning against the learning target to see if what you taught was what they learned. How valuable is that?

Webinar 3 (Thursday, May 25th): "Differentiation Does Not Mean Watered-Down: Differentiated Instruction Done Right"

"How do I truly differentiate instruction to meet the needs of all students without watering down the rigor? " During this webinar, you will learn the principles of differentiated instruction and distinguish between differentiation and scaffolding. Additionally, the workshop will focus on a variety of effective content scaffolds that maintain the rigor of the grade-level standards as well as a variety of effective differentiated strategies that provide supports for all learners throughout the 'process' portion of a lesson.

Sessions will allow time for questions and answers.


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