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Expand your knowledge and connect with other educators at the workshops of NYSASCD. We provide the learning resources you need to help your students, teachers, and school achieve excellence. Contact us in Camillus, New York to learn more.

Poverty Simulation Workshops

These workshops aim to increase your awareness to the cost of poverty and give you insight into the state of extreme crisis that many working underprivileged families are experiencing. Poverty simulation involves one-month immersion consisting of four fifteen-minute weeks. After that period, there will be a debriefing where you will share vivid and intense insights.


Upon signing up, participants will be placed you into families composed of one to five members. Your designated “family” will receive an envelope that states your demographics, your income and resources, and your bills. In addition, you will have regular interactions with “vendors” or trained volunteers who sit at tables around the room’s perimeter.

The simulation also involves dealing with a mortgage/rental agency, school, employer, pawnbroker, banker, and other entities. To get from your “home” to one of the vendors, you will require a transportation ticket. This is simply the first of the set of challenges you’ll experience within the two-hour period.

If you are interested in giving your staff a workshop, you may call Dr. Valerie Kelsey at 518-225-5028 or send her an email.

Previous Workshop

21st Century Learning Presented By Giselle Martin Kniep

This program aims to address the question: "How can we maximize 21st-century learning?" Participants will explore and integrate different techniques for helping students become learners who are thoughtful, reflective strategic, and self-regulated.

Based on extensive research on neurosciences and learning theories, this workshop brings together 21st-century learning outcomes with traditional beliefs about learning, goals orientation, motivation, and self-regulation, as well the nature of learning experiences. Participants will use this information in identifying activities and strategies that can be used to promote strategic learning and improve self-regulatory processes.

After the workshop, a Certificate of Completion will be given to each participant for five hours of professional development.

About the Presenter

Giselle Martin Kniep serves as the President of Learner Centered Initiatives. She is also the founder of Communities for Learning: Leading Lasting Change. Both organizations are involved in promoting sustained school improvement.

Giselle earned her graduate degrees in communication and development, social sciences in education, and educational evaluation from Stanford University. She also has a solid background in organizational change, stemming from her work with thousands of domestic and international schools in various areas including standards, curriculum and assessment, school improvement, adult learning, and action research.

Giselle has written a number of books. Her new book with Joanne Picone-Zocchia is entitled “Changing the Way You Teach, Improving the Way Students Learn.” Other books she has authored include:

  • Becoming a Better Teacher: Eight Innovations That Work
  • Developing Learning Communities Through Teacher Expertise
  • Supporting Mathematical Learning and Communities That Learn, Lead and Last. 
  • Why Am I Doing This?: Capturing the Wisdom of Practice