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Professional Development Courses

NYSASCD offers top-quality online courses for teachers, which are now available for in-service credit. Our rigorous, self-paced courses deal with the most current topics in curriculum, instruction, assessment, and leadership.

All courses are developed with the assistance of ASCD expert authors, who are world-renowned authorities when it comes to learning, teaching, and leading. Each course comes with a combination of learning media that are sure to be engaging.

Personalized Learning Experience

This online learning program allows you to match the content to your learning needs. It also offers you the opportunity to collaborate with your colleagues. We designed our integrated learning management system to feature administrator and student levels to differentiate and manage the courses.

For more information, get in touch with us in Camillus, New York. You may view a sample of our course.

Please note that you need to fulfill the following requirements to receive documentation of professional hours or in-service credit:

1. Complete the course along with the requisite work.

2. Submit each module's Check for Understanding practical application electronically. We will review the submissions using pre-established criteria and rate them as satisfactory or unsatisfactory. If necessary, you may resubmit during the entire course completion period.

Three courses are currently available for in-service credit. These include Technology in Schools: A Balanced Perspective, Common Core and Literacy Strategies English Language Arts, and Assessment: Designing Performance Assessments.

Technology in Schools: A Balanced Perspective, 2nd Edition

Learn about the challenges and advantages of incorporating technology into instruction. In this program, you’ll discover engaging and meaningful techniques to promote proper technology integration in your school and achieve increased access for all students. You will also look into the importance of helping students, as well as their families, think critically about the impact of technology in their daily lives.

Common Core and Literacy Strategies English Language Arts, 2nd Edition

Discover how the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) deal with literacy in new and important ways. You will also learn about a new emphasis on critical thinking skills in the field of science. With the help of video examples, comprehensive readings, and downloadable applications, you’ll discover practical ways to integrate CCSS in your classroom. The second edition of this course emphasizes literacy strategies in the English language arts classroom at grades 6-12.

Assessment: Designing Performance Assessments, 2nd Edition

This course connects student motivation and the types of assessment used in the classroom. In addition, it deals with how to unpack learning standards and benchmarks to make the assessment turn in data about student progress and mastery of instructional goals. Performance assessment can be designed in various ways, allowing both students and teachers to work together to find out the best product or performance to demonstrate the student’s understanding, knowledge, and ability to use what they have learned.

For more information, call Dr. Valerie Kelsey of NYSASCD at 518-225-5028

The Educational Leadership Inventory (ELI)

This is a 360-degree assessment that focuses on five essential domains of effective school leadership. These domains are:

  • Climate and Culture
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Management Skills

  • Instructional Leadership
  • Visionary Leadership

Proficiency in the above domains can further help high performing and highly effective educational leaders. The ELI evaluates a school leader’s strengths with an online self-assessment, as well as through the assessment of others who have observed the school leader in his or her professional setting. After receiving the ELI report, the school leader will have a one-hour debriefing session with a qualified leadership coach from Edwards Educational Services. During the session, the leadership coach will review the report’s key elements and develop an action plan to sustain leadership growth.

The ELI was designed by and for the benefit of educational leaders. Researchers and practitioners have tested and validated it over a period of years. Educational leaders who take leadership skill enhancement seriously will gain personalized information and clear-cut strategies for improving leadership across the five domains. For more information, please contact Edwards Educational Services at 703-837-0223.